Fashion’s Night Out: The Show


I was lucky enough to snag tickets to Anna Wintour’s fashion show this past Tuesday… here are a few photos recapping the nights festivities:

Anna Wintour (aka God), Blake Lively, Rodger Federer
Anna looks MUCH tinier in person (almost miniature).. and apparently Blake is her new Hollywood favorite. Blake was friends with everyone there and had a super bubbly personality. Not sure why Federer attended.. maybe his wife (who sat next to him) is a big fashion lover. After the show ended Anna walked right next to me, I tried talking to her but she pretended not to hear me… damn.

Both DVF and Anna arrived early to hob nob with their guests so I got a good look at them both… DVF (who is god knows how old) looks absolutely AMAZING… this picture does not do her justice. She has a sick body, a glowing tan and of course a flawless outfit. How does she do it?

The super models arrived on a double decker bus to Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s song “Empire State of Mind” all wearing Fashion’s Night Out shirts.. such a genius entrance.

Of course Gisele opened the show with the FNO tank, Carolina Herrera skirt and Jimmy Choo’s. She took those stairs like it was no bodies business. She too is MUCH thinner in person… I was actually shocked by how tiny her arms are… borderline scary skinny. But she made the clothes look perfect and walked like the pro that she is. Following her was a line of equally famous models including Adrianna Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Coco Rocha and last but certainly not lease Naomi Campbell.

Following the intro of super models followed 150 other models showcasing Anna’s different themes. Above is a photo of the Fifties Flair looks. Love the beehive hair.

The “Rock Chic” looks were not particularly rocker but the black spikey hair and goth makeup enhanced the theme.

Lots of plaids, tweeds and herringbones were seen in the tailored separates and outerwear pieces in the “Tartan’s Twist” collection.

“Go Global” was one of the most memorable collections with white furs and pale printed gowns. The exaggerated braids on these models were unbelievably cool. Although I am unsure about the unibrows.

The “Jazz-Age Cool” collection was one of my favorites with amazing glittery gowns and fur stoles. But most importantly the models had the most amazing purple glitter hair that must have taken hours to wash out.

An ariel shot of Lincoln Center.


After the show ended I got a glimpse of one of my all time fav designers Vera Wang! She too was rail thin but pulled if off with her super long sleek black hair. Obviously her that laid sophistication in that way only Vera can pull off. She was super friendly taking a few pictures with fans before running off.

Moral of the story… Anna Wintour is an absolute God and only she is genius enough to have pulled of such a show.

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