Financier Patisserie

I love pastries, especially french pastries. Financier Patisserie recently opened in my neighborhood and let me tell you.. it is amazzzzing. They have many locations across the city and all of them are adorable.. but more importantly delicious!

Their pastry selection is extensive and they look as good as they taste.. which is perfect. You can purchase full size cakes and tarts or mini personal size versions. You can also grab a few macaroons or madeleines with your morning coffee like I tend to do (oops).

In addition to pastries they also offer a really great breakfast and lunch menu. In the morning I typically order the mushroom, Gruyère, white truffle oil Quiche and a latte. My favorite lunch is the butternut squash soup and the La Grecque salad. They also offer a large selection of yummy sandwiches and paninis too.


One thought on “Financier Patisserie

  1. I totally agree…their stuff is excellent! Wish the one near Fox News was open on Saturdays but may have to visit this one, looks adorable! Everything I have had their has been so wonderful! Great post!!

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