Fig & Olive

If you haven’t been to Fig & Olive you need to NOW. They have a bunch of locations in Manhattan, all are adorable, all are delish. Since its summer (or close enough to it) I have been craving the Fig & Olive Salad (romaine hearts, mesclun salad, fig, apple, manchego and dolce gorgonzola cheese, tomato, walnut, olive, scallion, 18 year fig & balsamic dressing with arbequina olive oil). What more could you ask for in a salad??

Fig & Olive Salad

If a salad just isn’t cutting it for you, their grilled filet of Mediterranean branzino (glazed with fig & 18 year balsamic vinegar, snow pea and figs, Picholine Olive Oil) is heaven on earth. The fish is perfectly flaky and the 18 year old balsamic adds an amazing flavor.

Grilled Branzino with Fig & Balsamic

To finish off your meal you must, and I mean MUST, try the dessert “Crostini”. It consists of a shortbread cookie topped with fresh marscapone, pistachio, an amarena cherry, and a touch of basil. YUM!

Dessert “Crostini”


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