Velvet + Maxi = Perfection




Who would have ever thought a velvet maxi could be so chic? This T by Alexander Wang dress is the perfect way to wear a maxi this fall.


Mix Leather and Soft

A great way to wear leather this fall without looking like a biker is by mixing it with softer, super feminine pieces. Like pairing fluffy pastel sweaters with leather leggings, feminine silk tops with leather skirts or flowing dresses with leather jackets.

The Jewels of Capri

The first thing I noticed in Capri (aside from the ocean and the mountains of course) was the sandals hanging outside of every shop. They were all absurdly embellished, shiny and bright.. but somehow simultaneously chic. The originator of this look is the shoe shop in the center of Capri called Canfora which was founded in 1946. Everyone from Sofia Loren to Jackie O has worn these sparklers. Unfortunately for me they are around 250 euro.. which with today’s conversion rate is a pair of Prada’s.. so I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Of course I know regret that decision.

Biker Burberry

I was shopping around for trench coats today and they are all just so BORING. My dream trench is unfortunately from last season and sold out everywhere (and a biiittt expensive) but it’s so amazingggggggg. Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prossom essentially attached leather biker sleeves to a classic trench.. so do you think if I take a leather jacket and a trench coat to a tailor they could just whip this together???