Biker Burberry

I was shopping around for trench coats today and they are all just so BORING. My dream trench is unfortunately from last season and sold out everywhere (and a biiittt expensive) but it’s so amazingggggggg. Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prossom essentially attached leather biker sleeves to a classic trench.. so do you think if I take a leather jacket and a trench coat to a tailor they could just whip this together???


Rachel Zoe Designs a Fun and Flirty Resort

I’m excited for Rachel Zoe’s collection to hit stores this fall.. but her resort line looks even better than her fall.

“With Fall, a lot of what I was doing was staying in my comfort zone,” she says. “Here, I’m playing with color, playing with prints, playing with proportion a little bit.” – Rachel Zoe

Pizza Goes French on the Upper East Side

Our latest and greatest restaurant discovery is an adorable french bistro on 3rd Ave and 62nd St – Marche De Sud. There’s a great wine selection, the prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is cozy- especially the back patio.

Their specialty is a Tart Flambée, which is essentially a french pizza on a very thin yeast-less dough. But what sets these tarts apart are the deliciously curated toppings. Who wouldn’t want duck confit with créme fraîche on top of a pizza??? Below are my three fav tarts:

La Campagnarde créme fraîche, duck confit, onions, lardons, potato and comtée cheese    $14

La Fruits De Mer lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, leeks, gruyére cheese and bouillabaisse béchamel    $17

La Marocaine homemade hummus, spicy harissa, merguez sausage, swiss cheese, lemon confit and cilantro    $14


As if NYC didn’t have enough cupcake shops, one more has opened – Sprinkles. The great part (or perhaps worst part) about Sprinkles is that it opened a block away from me! The major difference between Sprinkles and its famous cupcake competitors (Crumbs and Magnolia’s) is the amount of frosting – its actually manageable. You won’t leave feeling like you just inhaled a carton of sugar.

I also particularly like the modern approach they took in it’s overall appearance. Both the cupcakes and the store are clean, simple and modern. A much needed change in an overly frosted, overly cupcake obsessed Manhattan.

Although I haven’t tried this particular cupcake yet, Sprinkle’s May special is called the “Salty Caramel Cupcake” and I’m verryy interested.

Their website describes it as below:

Sprinkles Salty Caramel cupcakes are an irresistible salty-sweet flavor combination using fleur de sel crystals hand harvested from the pristine seas off Brittany, France. These fleur de sel granules are a delightful complement to the sweet, buttery caramel which flavors both the cake and frosting. Taste the rich, delicious complexity of Sprinkles take on this classic French duo.

If you aren’t craving a cupcake after reading that – you have big issues.